Let Your Kids Get Behind the Wheel with Super Fun Racing Games Just for Them

My kids are constantly asking me to buy them a car which, of course, is absolutely not going to happen. I mean, they’re 6 and 8, so they still have a ways to go. However, it did get me thinking about potential games they could play to occupy their time while experiencing driving like they so desperately want. I took to Google and sifted through some mediocre looking games before I finally discovered AppGrooves and its list of the best kids racing games – I’ll link it below so you can take a look. It was like fate had struck!

Best 10 Racing Games for Kids

I’m pretty protective of my kids, so I still wasn’t sure about the apps, but I thought I’d give them a try. Turns out, I can actually let my kids drive a car and keep them safe at the same time. I tested some of my favorite of the apps on my kids and ding, ding, ding, we have some winners. The boys ask to play these games so much now that I thought I had to bring them to everyone else’s attention too.

Hot Wheels – Rating: 4.5, Downloads: 50M
Hot Wheels is really good for kids who already have a love for car racing and car games. Your chiildren can choose from a library of more than 25 of Hot Wheel’s original cars to race on the track so it really feels like they can customize their game experience. The graphics are very fun, bright, and engaging, which keep the kids entertained. There are also a variety of stunts for kids to perform, whether its blasting off using jet boosters or racing through loops and jumps! With every race they complete, your kids will rack up in-game currency to upgrade their cars, so they can really feel like they’ve accomplished something big.

The only problem I’ve forseen is that the currency your kids earn in-game is car-specific. So, they will have to race with their preferred cars to upgrade them faster. My sons haven’t seemed to notice or mind this, but it could become an issue for some children who are finding it difficult to upgrade their cars because they aren’t earning enough currency.

Pros: Colorful and engaging, variety of cars to choose from and race, ability to perform tricks.
Cons: Currency is car-specific, so it can take a while to upgrade cars.
Overall: There are a lot of tricks and stunts to perform with the cars, something not available on all racing games, but it may take a while for kids to be able to upgrade their cars.

Racing Penguin – Rating: 4.4, Downloads: 1M
If car games aren’t your kids’ thing, you’ll definitely want to check out Racing Penguin instead. It’s a fun slide-and-fly game where your kids get to pick their own plucky penguin and slide him or her down the mountains of Antarctica. The physics are fast and exciting, and there are a lot of cool tracks to explore, so the kiddos will have a blast collecting coins and trying to outrun a hungry polar bear.

I noticed in the reviews that some players have had problems with the multiplayer mode. Matches may take a while to connect and the app has been known to occassionally give weird results, like saying a player lost a race that they hadn’t participated in. I, personally, haven’t experienced this with my kids, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Pros: An innovative racing game, a fun, fast-responding environment, and multiple tracks.
Cons: Multiplayer matches may take some time to set up.
Overall: Racing Penguin is very innovative and fun but you’ll want to make sure you have a bit of extra time to set aside for multiplayer matches.

Ninja Kid Run Free – Rating: 4.2, Downloads: 5M
Another option is to skip the car entirely and let your kids take off on foot (virtually) with Ninja Kid Run Free. The little ones can dive, jump, swipe, duck, and shoot their way to the next level with a fast-paced and action-packed game. There are coins for them to collect along the way and crazy tricks to complete for high scores. They can also race against friends and family.

Just know that the free version of Ninja Kid Run does not give you access to the extra characters and special features. Each character and upgrade will cost you separately if you choose to go this route.

Pros: The game is a totally unique concept with action-packed fun.
Cons: You do have to pay seperately for upgrades.

Overall: If you’re kid is looking for something slightly different than a typical racing game, then this is a great option so long as you know that in-game upgrades cost money.

My sons can’t get enough of these games and I think that really says the most about why I’ve selected these as my favorite three kids’ racing games. If you have children who love racing games, or you’re just looking for something fun to keep your kids entertained, you really need to give these games a chance.

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