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Read The Rules (Below) Carefully Before Requesting.

  • Before request a game, enter game name in the Search box or visit (PC Games List) , find using [Ctrl] + [F] button and must confirm that your requesting game is not uploaded!
  • Don’t request Multiplayer Online, Online servers and games that require you to be connected to the Internet!
  • Don’t request freeware games at all.
  • You are only allowed to request One game per day!
  • Don’t spam or promote other websites! You’ll Be Banned.
  • Enter The Full Name Of The Game When Requesting.
  • Pictures & Videos Not Allowed.
  • You Can Also Request Your Favorite File Hosting Site (Like: Mega, Box, Google Drive etc)
  • Don’t Be Rude, Racist & Sexist. Respect Your Peers!

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61 thoughts on “Game Request

  1. Hi, i would like to request a game as of below,

    Game Name: Maid of Sker
    Request: New to Upload
    Upload it to: apunkagames or any.

    Initial release date of game: 28 July 2020

  2. Name: FOR HONOR

    If you need Game files HERE : Honor – 3DM

    Downloaded from 3DM site, here crack is also given but not working so please give us a crack,

    you are free to use/ download files from the link and you can even publish the link if you get a crack.

    Thank you !!

  3. Please upload this game This is the first game created in my country

    Game Name: NERO
    Request: New to Upload
    Upload it to: TheFilesLocker “Default”
    Initial release date: 25 Sep, 2021

  4. Muhammad Aidil Bin Mohamad Azam · Edit

    please 🥺 can you make fifa 19 500mb by parts like you do to GTA V 500m by parts i have download GTA V and working very well plese

  5. Hello! This Is The First Time Requesting A Game So:

    Game Name: Demolition Racer (1999)
    Request: New To Upload
    Upload It To: TheFilesLocker

    Thanks For Responding To My Game Request! Hope Your Best Wishes! 😉

  6. Plzz include recently released most popular game like
    1.mass effect legendary addition
    2. Valhala
    3.back 4 blood
    4. Hitman 3
    5 Control


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